HR Gamut

Our group of experts will outline a HR practice that fits your business destinations. We will help you influence the open doors that can outfit development through a variety of our counseling administrations. Counsel with us to get the best consultative administrations in connection to reviews, leave administration, statutory consistence, rewards administration and ability procurement.


We are specialists in manpower administration be it our enlistment of the correct ability, our exact and incite payment of compensation and statutory settlements or our extraordinary workmanship in illuminating representative grievances and following continually evolving laws. We know labor outsourcing back to front.

We offer our customers an in fact sound administration. We always predict the advancements in the field of employee outsourcing and apply them to our customer's advantage

Industries We Cater

  • Oil and Natural Gas
  • Pharma/ Healthcare
  • Chemical
  • Infrastructure
  • Auto and Ancillary
  • Textile
  • Power/ Solar Power
  • Steel
  • Process Industries
  • Engineering
  • Plastic – Polymer
  • Glass Industries

Our Services at a glance

  • Increasing work force efficacy by right sizing and structuring
  • Increasing productivity by eliminating wasteful human efforts
  • Increasing efficacy by implementing norms for behavior, learning and
  • development, mentoring and counselling
  • Compliance for employment/labor laws
  • Streamlining engagement of contract labour
  • Change management, adaption to technology and Emerging New Norms
  • Leadership development
  • Long term settlements with unions

Contd….Our Services at a glance

  • Awareness and Compliance to safety standards by the work force
  • Implementation of proactive disciplinary measures
  • Aligning the individual and group efforts to organizational goals
  • Management of mistakes
  • Identification of redundant positions and work that can be
  • outsourced for better efficiency
  • Formulation of robust, fair and transparent Recruitment,Onboarding, Induction, Engagement, Promotion, Retention, Performance Appraisal, Incentives and Separation policies


  • A team comprising professionals having rich and varied hands on experience in turning around and stabilizing, both Private as well as Public Sector organizations
  • Accountability and transparency of services
  • Quantifiable financial returns on investments: non monitory and monitory
  • Client satisfaction shall be the driving force

Road map: way of working to carry forward

  • In-depth study of various rungs of supervisory and non supervisory employees to understand their dynamics and perception
  • Study of IR situation, compliance to legislation and adherence to HR policies
  • Understanding work processes and deployment of man power
  • Determining cost cutting measures in consultation with management
  • Suggesting measures for Organizational growth, reduction of wastage and optimization of profits, after in depth study of the organizational climate and considering concerns of the management